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About Holy Trinity Cemetery

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cemetery is the official cemetery of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church and is privately owned by the Holy Trinity community. It is located at 8941 Ringeisen Road near the intersection of Duncan, Ferguson and Thompson Run Roads, behind Duncan Manor Shopping Center. (See below for map and directions).

The original land was purchased in 1942 and was consecrated as an Orthodox Christian Cemetery in 1943, with the first burial the same year. The community's Greek heritage is reflected in many of the memorial headstones, the older of which have combinations of Greek and English or entirely Greek inscriptions. Presently there are over 700 persons buried at the Cemetery with many headstones showing that immigrants came from mainland Greece and the many Aegean islands and with names varying from Alexandropoulos to Zafeiropoulos.

Burials are open to Orthodox Christians and their non-Orthodox Christian spouses and family members. Burials are required to conform strictly to the canons and tenets of the Greek Orthodox Church.

A special feature of Holy Trinity Cemetery is the Saint George Chapel, whose doors were officially opened on the Feast of Saint George in 2006. Many weekday services, funerals and all Saturdays of the Souls services are held at the Chapel.

Each spring prior to Memorial Day, many parishioners from Holy Trinity come together to offer their service of stewardship for an annual “Community Cemetery Clean-up Day.” Also each spring, according to our Orthodox Christian liturgical calendar, we celebrate four "Saturday of the Souls" Divine Liturgies and Memorial Services, three at the start of Lent and one on Pentecost weekend.These services commemorate all those buried there and all the departed members of the community.

It is not uncommon, upon visiting the Cemetery, to find individuals praying, lighting candles and burning incense in remembrance for their departed family members. Their sense of continued connection with those who have gone to rest in the Lord is well reflected in the meaning of the word, “Cemetery,” which in the original Greek means, “a place of sleep.” Those who have “fallen asleep” in the Lord are also remembered through the beautiful hymn, “May their memory be eternal.”

Finding Graves

Looking for the location of the graves of loved ones buried at Holy Trinity Cemetery? Contact our Cemetery Chairperson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Photos of many of the memorial headstones can also be found at the Find-A-Grave website, a volunteer service not affiliated with Holy Trinity Church or Holy Trinity Cemetry.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Who can re-set/straighten headstones?

    The family should contact the company that set the stone originally. If that is unattainable the Cemetery can contract the work out to a reliable contractor but we will bill the family for the cost.

  • What is the cost for re-setting/straightening headstones?

    Costs varies with size of the stones. It is advised to get an estimated cost from a contractor prior to authorizing the work to be done. Costs can vary from $150 to $1000.

  • Who is responsible for damage done to a stone by nature or vandalism?

    It is the families responsibility. It is suggested that with larger stones that the family take out a rider to their homeowners policy to cover damage. It again varies with stone size, but in most cases it is a reasonable yearly cost.

  • What is the cost of opening and closing a grave for a funeral?

    The cost of opening a grave in listed in the current pdf Holy Trinity Cemetery Graves & Grave Services Rates ( 125 KB ) schedule. Double-deep , weekend and holiday costs are more. Opening and closing costs include topsoil and the first seeding of the grave. Additional grave care after that is the families responsibility.

For additional information please see the pdf Holy Trinity Cemetery Rules and Regulations ( 262 KB ) .

Holy Trinity Cemetery Documents

Contact Information

Mailing Address: 985 Providence Boulvard, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Phone: 412-366-8700

Fax: 412-366-8710

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Map and Directions to the Cemetery

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cemetery is located at 8941 Ringeisen Road, Allison Park, PA. (Note: this is not a mailing address. Mail is received at Holy Trinity Church, 985 Providence Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15237)

Driving Directions

From Pittsburgh:
McKnight Road/Truck Route 19 North to Peebles Road.
Right on Peebles/Green Belt.
Follow Peebles 1.3 miles to Duncan Ave.
Right on Duncan Ave./Green Belt.
Follow 0.4 miles to intersection at Duncan Manor Shopping Center.
Left on Green Belt, then quick left on Ringeisen Rd.
Cemetery is 0.1 miles ahead on left.

From Wexford/Cranberry:
Route 19 South to McKnight Road/Truck Route 19 South.
Follow McKnight Road 1.8 miles to Duncan Ave.
Left on Duncan Ave. Follow 1.4 miles to intersection at Duncan Manor Shopping Center.
Left on Green Belt, then quick left on Ringeisen Rd.
Cemetery is 0.1 miles ahead on left.

From Route 8 South:
Route 8 to Duncan Avenue/Green Belt.
Follow Duncan Avenue/Green Belt 2.5 miles.
Sharp right on Ringeisen Rd.
Cemetery is 0.1 miles ahead on left.

From Route 8 North:
Route 8 to Mt. Royal Blvd.
Follow Mt. Royal Blvd. 0.6 miles
Right on Sample Rd.
Follow Sample Rd. 2.4 miles to Ringeisen Rd.
Left on Ringeisen Rd.
Cemetery is 0.2 miles ahead on left.

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