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Welcome to Holy Trinity Church! It is good that you are here, and as Saint Paul teaches, we “welcome one another as Christ has welcomed us” (Romans 15:7).

We are a family-friendly community whose Vision is: "Faith. Family. Community." and Mission is: "To proclaim and live the Orthodox Christian Faith in its fullness as faithful members of the Body of Christ." In doing so, we actively welcome visitors and inquirers for worship and all parish activities and ministries.

Stewardship at Holy Trinity Church

Stewardship is caring for the needs of others.
Stewardship is offering one's self to God as He offered Himself to us.
Stewardship is what a person does after saying "I believe..." as proof of that belief.

Oriented Leadership

Stewardship: A Way of Life

Stewardship is the foundation for belonging to Holy Trinity Church and providing support for its many ministries and activities. Orthodox Christian Stewardship is also a way of life, which acknowledges accountability, reverence, and responsibility before God. A primary goal of Stewardship is to promote spiritual growth and strengthen faith. Becoming a Steward begins when we believe in God, to whom we give our love, loyalty and trust and act on those beliefs. As Stewards, we affirm that every aspect of our lives comes as a gift from Him. Stewardship calls on the faithful to cheerfully offer back to God a portion of the gifts with which they have been blessed.

An Active, Annual Committment

An Orthodox Christian Steward is an active participant in the life of the Church. The parish encourages all who accept the Orthodox Faith to become practicing Stewards. Each year the Steward is expected to carefully review his or her personal circumstances and make a commitment of time, talent, and treasure to support the Parish and her Ministries, which in turn support the National Ministries of our Archdiocese, Metropolises, and institutions.

Online Giving

Holy Trinity Church offers various ways to make Stewardship contributions and other offerings. In addition to checks and cash, payments can be made via checking account, savings account, credit card or debit dard. Visit www.HolyTrinityPgh.org/give to donate or www.holytrinitypgh.org/give-info for more information on online giving.

Stewardship FAQs

Q: Who is a member of the parish?
A voting member is a Baptized or Chrismated Orthodox Christian at least 18 years of age who submits a signed stewardship card, participates faithfully in the life of the Church and commits a portion of time, talent and treasure to the Church. The Archdiocese also requires the voting member to remain current through the year on their commitments. Keep in mind that true membership in the Body of Christ also involves living according to His word and within His Church.

Q: How can I submit a Stewardship pledge?
To establish a Stewardship pledge and, thereby, membership at Holy Trinity Church, a Stewardship card must be completed and signed each year. Cards are available in the Narthex of the Church or from the Holy Trinity Church Office by visiting, calling 412-366-8700 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q: Why are their multiple parts to the Stewardship pledge card?
The Stewardship pledge card contains opportunities to offer both financial support for the operating budget and time and talents for the ministries of the church.

Q: Why must I indicate an amount for my financial pledge?
An amount is required for your pledge to be valid and your commitment allows us to plan our budget for the coming year. Please keep in mind that your stewardship contribution is kept in the strictest of confidence.

Q: What if I cannot fulfill my stewardship commitment?
During the course of a year, people’s circumstances change. Your stewardship is valued because it is made out fo your love for God and His Church. Please do not be concerned if you are unable to meet your stewardship commitment. Simply contact the Church Office or the Stewardship Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q: What other options do I have to provide support for my Church?
Reaching for our checkbooks may be the easiest and only way we know how to contribute to our Church, but did you know there may be a more advantageous way? There are a wide range of non-cash assets that can be donated, receive tax benefits, and leave a lasting legacy. They include:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Life Insurance
  • Bequests/Estate Planning

If you would like to offer one of these types of support, please contact the Church Office or the Stewardship Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

New: Faith and Family WEEKDAYS!

Faith and Family Weekdays

NEW THIS FALL: Holy Trinity Church’s new and expanded “Faith and Family WEEKDAYS” ministry. Building on the fruits of our last three years of Wednesday evening sessions, we are now including more days and more opportunities for everyone to participate in and grow from worship, spiritual life and educational ministries beyond Sunday morning and to make the church the "crossroad of daily life." There is something for everyone and everyone. Click here for more information and a description of each ministry and here for a printable pdf Faith and Family Weekdays 2016-2017 Ministries Guide ( 204 KB ) . Place them on your calendar so you are reminded to attend.

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