Orthros/9:30 Liturgy: Holy 179 Martyrs of Ntaou Penteli Monastery Whose Relics are Consecrated in the Holy Altar of the Saint George Chapel (SG)


During the Consecration of the Saint George Chapel, three relics were sealed in the Holy Altar table: Saint Panteleimon, Saint Kyrikos, and the Holy 179 Martyrs of the Ntaou Penteli Monastery. The Feast of the 179 Holy Martyrs falls each year on Bright Tuesday, so we will offer Divine Liturgy on that day at the Chapel, with Orthros at 8:30am and Divine Ltturgy at 9:30am. In order to maintain our current spacing requirements, the service will be held outdoors in front of the Chapel, weather permitting. In case of inclement weather, please watch for alternate plans. Hronia Polla!