Welcome to Holy Trinity Church's Live Video and Audio Broadcast Ministry

Whether you are traveling, not able to make it to church today or watching from an area where there is no church nearby, it is our joy to be able to welcome you into the worship life of Holy Trinity Church. All Sunday services are broadcast, with Orthros at 8:15am and Divine Liturgy at 9:30am, ET. Sacraments are also broadcast by request. Most weekday services are held at our Saint George Chapel, which is not yet video-equipped. For a list of services, see our online calendar.

Live Video Broadcast

Click the play button on the video image button below for the video broadcast. (*)

Live Audio Broadcast

On the road and want to listen to live services without using up video data? Click the play button below for the audio-only broadcast for lower data usage. (If player does not appear below, your browser does not support this feature.*)

Help make online broadcasts possible

To help support this ministry or provide resources to video-equip our Saint George Chapel in the future, please click the Give Now button below or select "Give Now" from the Online Giving menu above and choose "Online Video Donation." Thank you for helping bring the broadcast of live services to all those we serve.


Technical Support Notes (*)
  • If you cannot view video or hear audio broadcasts, please be sure to install the most recent Adobe Flash video player from https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer) or switch to the Chrome browser.
  • Audio broadcast currently works on mobile devices and tablets but may not work on all desktop computers. It does not work on Firefox.