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Lent at Holy Trinity Church


"Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me." (Psalm 50[51]:10

This year's theme for Lent at Holy Trinity Church is "Create in me a clean heart, O God." This addresses one of the central tenets of Lent: the cleansing of our heart and its rededication to God.

According to Archimandrite Zacharias of the Saint John Monastery in Essex, the heart is the door through which we enter the Kingdom of God:

"Unless we endeavour to live within our heart, we remain blind to our untamed passions. The inclinations of our heart and mind remain beyond our control. We sin whether we want to or not. Sin can never attract the blessing of God, so unless we keep our hearts alive and alert, we will eventually become strangers to Him. The Scriptures say that ‘the heart is deep.’ God honours this ‘deep heart’ of man. All heaven hearkens to a deep heart athirst for God and ready to receive Him. But if our heart is indifferent to God, we are worth little more than dust and ashes. We must attend to our heart and cultivate it, for the hidden man of the heart is very precious in the sight of God. May God give us such a heart, a deep heart that is capable of divine and spiritual sensation!" (Remember Thy First Love)

Likewise, another Orthodox author reminds us that in our heart we will find the place where we meet the presence of God:

"We learn to enter into our ‘deep heart' through personal prayer in our rooms and attendance at Church services. And if we take courage and enter therein, we shall behold the great miracle of the union of our life with God’s life, for this takes place in the heart of man. Indeed, the aim of our entire ascetic struggle - our fasts, vigils and prayers - is to reveal the heart, to unearth it."

The heart plays crucial roles in both our physical and spiritual lives. Author Al Rossi writes, “The human heart is the entrance to an inner chapel where we can hear, with all creation, praise to God. The heart is the entrance to love, to the place of healing balm.” So the heart and the healing and cleansing of it are the focus of our Lent 2020 theme, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me,” taken from Psalm 50 [51], a penitential, cleansing and restorative written by King David and used at many of our worship services.

We invite everyone to engage in the teachings, sermons, presentations, services and prayers this Lent at Holy Trinity Church that will focus on that topic. Perhaps your spiritual heart pains you already, or maybe you are not even aware of the hidden conditions that may be afflicting it. Either way, treatment, therapy and even prevention are all in the heart-healing toolkit the Church has been using for two-thousand years, including Holy Confession, Communion, anointing, prayers, fasting and more. May we all indeed have “heart healthy” Lent!

Kali metanoia! (A blessed repentance!)

Lenten Resources

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Lenten Worship

In-person: Join us for services at Holy Trinity Church throughout Lent. The Lenten services schedule can be found here.

Online: Not able to make it in person? Join us online for all our Sunday and weekday services at www.HolyTrinityPgh.org/live.

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